Cost Effective Housing Design– Prototype 

Type of Houses


A- Single Bed Room Unit- Area -377 sqft

B- Two Bed Room Unit – Area-495 sqft


Details of Construction techniques and materials used


  • The houses designed for the flood affected areas shall be of light weight superstructure, since in

most of these areas, the bearing capacity of the soil is very weak.

* The Foundation shall be ' deep rooted' in to the soil and the super structure shall be such that

it can be easily erected with in a short span of time.

  • The superstructure shall be strong enough to take future calamities like flood, earthquakes etc.


The Design and Technology adopted


The Design: The plan and views of the building are enclosed. The design is such that maximum utility in the space available.


The Foundation

The foundation is RCC footings at the corners and connected with plinth beams. The footings go 120 cms below the ground. The basement height is 45 cms above the ground.


The super Structure

The superstructure is of steel columns at the corners with steel roof frames. The walls are ready made Rapicon panels from Everest Industries, 60 cm x 300 cms, fixed on steel channels at the floor level and the roof level. The wall panels are foam concrete sandwiched between cement boards. The panels are of good finish, so that plastering can be avoided. The roof is of cement roof side lap corrugated sheets from Everest Industries. This cement corrugated sheets gives a better insulation than steel or aluminium sheet roofing. It is available in a choice of colors which can enhance the aesthetics. Plain cement boards of 4mm thick are used for false ceiling, so that maximum comfort is ensured inside the house. The windows are of steel sections and glass. The doors are of engineered wood. The inside partitions are made of cement boards on aluminium frames.

The toilets are finished with glazed tiles. An overhead water tank is placed above the toilet on steel frames.

The floor is finished with vitrified flooring.


The time for erection

The foundation can be erected in 10 days time at the site. After that the rest of the materials will be brought to the site in a single truck load and the house can be completed in another 15 days time. So the total duration of construction will be 25 days.



The design and technology are suitable for mass housing that are to be erected quickly.